Picture of can Lego go in the dishwasher

The idea behind cleaning your Lego’s in the dishwasher is to make the cleaning easier and faster. You might wonder if it is safe to do this though. There are conflicting views on this but this is what you need to know.

Can Legos Go Into A Dishwasher? The answer is yes, although the Lego’s company advises you not to use the dishwasher. But in cases where you have a lot of secondhand Legos to clean, a dishwasher can be used with a lot of precautions.

The use of a dishwasher to clean Legos is not the best method. This is because of the effect the dishwasher can have on the Lego brick. Though when faced with plenty of Legos or tiny pieces of Legos, you can begin to contemplate the use of a dishwasher.

There are some secrets you ought to follow to avoid damaging your Lego and still getting a shiny Lego at the end of the day.

What Are The Guidelines For Using A Dishwasher For Legos?

  • Place your Lego in a Mesh Bag: The essence of putting the Lego in a mesh bag is to avoid scratches and damages to the Lego. Mesh bags are usually used when washing delicate items.
  • Set your Dishwasher: It is very important that you set your dishwasher in a very mild setting. This is to avoid serious damages to the Legos.
  • Use the Top Rack: This step is very important. This is to prevent the Lego from harsh washing.
  • Avoid the Use of Hot Water: As much as possible avoid using hot water to wash the Legos. Water at 40°C or 140° Fahrenheit can be used. This is to prevent damage or disfiguration to the plastic.

It is important you note that you should not wash the electrical piece of the Lego bricks, the tires, and parts with batteries. Do not use the dishwasher drier setting for the Legos. This action can cause the Legos to become disfigured.

Though the use of the dishwasher is not advised, it can be used when faced with plenty of Lego bricks. There is another effective means of getting your Lego bricks clean without the use of a dishwasher.

Is There Another Effective Means Of Cleaning My Legos?

If you are having trouble with cleaning a huge amount of Lego’s bricks and do not want to make use of the dishwasher. Here is another effective means of getting your Lego bricks glimmering again.

  • Soak: You can soak the pieces of the Lego especially when it is extremely dirty. First, soak the Lego in a soapy solution overnight or even longer.
  • Wash:  You can make use of an old toothbrush to clean and wash the nooks and crannies of the bricks. You can make use of mild soaps or detergent with water at 40°Celsius and 104°Fahrenheit.
  • Disinfect: You can make use of bleach or alcohol. Although, the bricks must not be placed for a long time in such conditions. This prevents the fading of the plastic.
  • Rinse: After making sure that there are no longer particles on the Legos, rinse the bricks in clean water.
  • Dry: When drying the washed Lego’s parts, place them on a clean towel side by side with the pieces. Avoid the use of an electric fan to hasten the drying piece. It is important that you know that your washed Legos can take 1-2 days to properly get dried.

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Why Is The Use Of Dishwasher For Legos Not Advised?

The reason why the use of a dishwasher is not advised is that the dishwasher can cause the paints and stickers to come off. Although paints differ from each model depending on the year it was made.

For instance, the bricks from the ’80s would still look very new with its initial prints. When making use of the dishwasher, you have to take a lot of precautions.

How Do I Clean My Displayed Legos?

When you have a displayed Legos on a shelf, it is normal for the Legos to collect dust. Even if you do a regular dusting, the Legos won’t stay dust free.

It is quite difficult to keep your Legos dust free, so from time to time you would want to keep the dust at bay by properly cleaning them. Here are some few tips to keep your displayed Lego’s clean.

  • Use of Dusters:

You can make use of synthetic or feather dusters to keep clouds of dust away from your displayed Lego’s. When using this method it is advised that you do it monthly.

  • Use of Brushes:

You can make use of natural, soft paint brushes to get rid of the dust on your Lego’s. This method is very handy and you can easily get into the corners of displayed Lego’s.

You can make use of the artist brush or even a make-up brush can be used. If you are using this method it is advisable to do the cleaning once every month.

  • The Use of Compressed-Air Dusters:

Compressed-Air duster is normally used to clean computer keyboards and other electronics. They come in a can and have tremendous air pressure to take out the dirt.

You can get the compressed-air dusters available at most office supply stores. This equipment is very safe for delicate materials. You should do this method a few times in a year.

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

Most handheld vacuum cleaners have options for switching over to blowing air. This option is the best for cleaning the Legos display. Because the amount of air coming out of the vacuum cleaner cannot be fully controlled, some Lego’s bricks can be blown off while using this method.

This method is therefore advisable for large display and not small or delicate Lego’s display.

Picture Of Can Lego Bricks Be Recycled

Lego bricks have been one great toy building brick for most families and most people rarely dispose of it. Most people ask out of curiosity “can Lego bricks be recycled?”. 

Meanwhile recycling Lego is difficult since the LEGO bricks are made of ABS that is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The question remains if the ABS is recyclable.

Can Lego bricks be recycled? The answer is yes, although the process is not certain. The company according to their website claims to have the technology to recycle the bricks. The company also advised that you consult your local disposal service to know if the technology is in use.

However, the company’s website also advises that one of the best ways to recycle unwanted Lego bricks is to donate it to a local charity and child care providers within your locality.

This method they believe is absolutely effective and easy for recycling the bricks.

The Lego group believes in sustainable play which is why they encourage the passing down of bricks to relations and friends. It is the most environmentally friendly way of discarding the bricks.

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What Are The Best Means Of Recycling Lego Bricks?

Recycling Legos as earlier stated is difficult because they are made out of unusual plastic called ABS. Most recycling centers do not accept it.

The best means of disposing of Lego is to reuse since they are highly reusable. Here are some ideas on how to get the Lego bricks to several people in need of them.


The Lego company encourages people to give unwanted Lego bricks to children. They can be your niece or a neighbor’s kid who would like playing with the Lego bricks.

You could also look into donating them to other places. You can also pack them up for your grandkids or even for your game nights.

Artists and Crafts:

Presently, there are lots of artists and crafts who make use of Legos for special projects. Crafts make use of bricks for all kinds of project works.

Earlier this year, the Franklin Institute, a Philadelphia museum of science and educational center, did a special exhibition called “The Art of the Brick”.

There were a lot of important pieces with displayed examples including; The bust of Nefertiti, the Liberty Bell, and paintings of Van Gogh’s piece“ Starry Night”.

There is also the largest display of Lego art in the world, the 20-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Some creative persons have made use of Lego bricks to create masterpieces ranging from using it to hold up electrical cords, making a wedding dress, and some have been used in music and home videos.

Thrift Shops and Institutions for Kids:

You can also donate your Lego bricks to a homeless shelter or a local hospital for kids.

What is Sustainable play?

The Lego group has over the years produced high-end quality market bricks that last for years and are very safe to use.

The company has continued to develop and show a whole new level of creativity and play, thereby improving learning from generation to generation. This is an example of sustainable play.

All the Lego bricks are produced in such a way that each brick has a long lifespan and remains compatible over time. The bricks are never redundant. They can all be reused to create other cooler ideas. That is a sustainable play.

This is a great way to display most kids’ creativity. The resilience of the Lego bricks improves the play value and also reduces the norm of ‘play and dispose’ thereby helping to keep the environment safe and clean.

Although, the company also provides the alternative of recycling the bricks themselves. They carry it out by reusing the bricks as raw materials for new ideas.

How Do I Donate Lego Bricks?

There are currently some sites that accept Lego bricks and donate them to those that are in need of them. Such organizations collaborate with other foundations in different parts of the world.

 Examples of such sites include; Lifehacker, Brick Recycler, the Giving bricks, and the Brick dreams. These sites launched their websites a few years ago to accept donations for the bricks to help kids who need them.

Each of these organizations has its unique requirements for donating but in general, they all accept all kinds of Lego bricks. The organizations clean and organize the bricks before donating them.

There are some who reorganize them and sell them off to raise funds for hospitalized kids’ hospital bills.

How Long Does LEGO Last?

There is no saying to how long Lego bricks can last. This is because they never decompose. Although they can become worn out due to constant use, there is no limit to how long Lego bricks can last.

Phillipe Cantin conducted an experiment involving a pair of 3X3 Lego bricks. He discovered that if the Lego bricks are in use for 37,112 times, the bricks will become damaged. 

That is to say, if the pieces are played and disassembled for 37,112, they can be destroyed.

Picture Of What Made Lego Successful

The success of the Lego company has increased over the years. How Lego became successful is a story that most companies have come to abduct. The company also had its fair share of hard times but used a strategic method and climbed their way to success.

How Did Lego Become Successful? The success of the Legos began with the appointment of Jorden Vig Knudstorp as CEO. Although it was a risky decision, Jorden had taken the company back to its core products ‘the bricks’. With the company’s focus restored to the bricks, Jorden abducted strict management controls.

Jorden indulged the production of the Lego bricks as its core product and stopped the selling of the park theme and brand stretching.

Management controls such as the reduction in the number of different pieces of bricks from 12,900 to 7,000 were abducted.

Legos had been ranked as one of the most successful and innovative toy companies in the world.

It is also rated as one of the world most powerful brand but in 2003 the company was on the verge of collapse with a debt of almost $800 million.

There were plenty of comments and books on how the company climbed out of bankruptcy. The company’s approach and methods used in turning around their fortune are spectacular and impressive.

What Are The 9 Strategic Steps That Made Lego Became Successful?

Picture Of Important Steps That Made Lego Successful

The success story of the Lego company came to being due to steps taken by the company and its CEO to overcome their own share of a hard time. Here is the basic analysis of the method the company employed.

1. The Appointment of a New CEO:

Although Jorgen Vig Knudstorp was new in the company, he was appointed the CEO. He had only entered the company in 2001. After three years, he was appointed CEO.

He created a sense of urgency that made the workers understand the dire state of the company. By doing that, he made them want to survive the hard times.

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2. Focus on the Core Product:

The new CEO made the company focus more on its primary product, bricks. Mr. Knudstorp sold most of the theme parks and overseas properties. The company created more innovative core products.

3. The Streamlining of Operations and Cutting Cost:

This step was a major one for the company. The inventory was drastically dropped and a number of parts were cut by half from 13,000 to 6,500.

Production operations were outsourced to Mexico and the Czech Republic. The headcount was also cut down to 4000 in Denmark.

4. Customers Were Involved in Innovative Designs:

Fans and enthusiasts of the company helped the company by suggesting and voting new ideas of new models. Prices were given to those that contributed to the winning models. They were award 1 percent of the bricks sales revenue.

5. Quick Prototyping:  

This strategy was one of the coolest. The company’s head of marketing department said “ We only develop a few key features that are needed and typically engineering mistake is wanting to invent all the things the product will require at once.

We throw the prototype into the market and get feedback from the consumers.” Although this method has been abducted by most companies, the Lego company was among the first to adopt the idea.

6. Users’ Actions: 

The Lego Company did a study on the users of their product in 2011 and found out that 91% of its users were boys. They carried out a detailed study to understand why their major users were boys.

They looked at the difference between boys and girls play. In 2012, the Legos launched the ‘Lego Friends’ which had a realistic mini-doll. This tripled its sales to girls.

7. Collaborative Innovation:

The Lego began a bright marketing strategy by licensing Stars’ characters and vehicles. The union made huge profits for the toy company and commenced video games and short films that become very famous.

8. Video Innovation:

The Lego company invested huge sums in great quality movies. The Lego Batman movie lasted more at the box office than the normal Batman movie.

Each of their movies created sales of models. In 2014, the approval rating on Lego movie ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ was 96%. The investment in quality movies paid off.

9. Startle the Culture:

Before Knudstorp became the CEO, the company focused on producing quality old-fashioned toys. When he stepped in, he changed the cooperate culture to creative and innovative toy products. This total transformation moved the company.

What Are Lego’s Most Famous Bricks?

Lego Mindstorms:

This was the company’s first hybrid digital-physical experience launched in 1998. Adult fans were brought in for the design process.

Lego Architecture: 

It is a global hit. It was first launched in 2007 in Chicago and launched worldwide in 2009. The idea originated from a local architect in Chicago who made a replica of the Sears and Hancock towers with the Lego bricks.

Lego’s Ideas:

It originated from amateur designers’ ideas, which fans voted on. It was launched in 2008 in Japan and worldwide in 2011.

Lego’s Games:

This line was first launched in England and Germany in 2009 and then launched worldwide in 2010.

It started with a board game of 20, which included Lava Dragon and Pirate Code. Other ideas were incorporated but the line was discontinued in 2013.

Life of George:

This line of Lego bricks was launched in 2011 in the U.S. and launched worldwide in 2012. The game was targeted at families. It is a puzzle game.

It has special features such as the combination of bricks with a smartphone App. The company was able to combine the digital and physical play world.


The fusion line is an evolution of the Life of George. It has three kits which are Town Master, Battle Towers and Resort Designer. This line has a similar experience with the Life of George.

Further studies are ongoing to improve the experience for users. This Lego bricks line was launched in 2013 in the U.S.

What are the most Sold Lego’s Bricks?

The most popular Lego’s brick has been said to be the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars. Which is followed by the Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter.

Picture Of Reasons Lego Is For Grown-Ups

Statistics say that 117,000 LEGO pieces are made every minute while the company produces about 306 million tires each year. This is to satisfy the ever-increasing rate of demand for toys among children.

Toys produced by Lego is applauded for building the creativity of kids as they use wheels, shapes, and even people, to physically build the idea in their minds. If Lego is this powerful a tool for kids the question is, are there lego for grown-ups?

So, are there lego for grown-ups? Yes, Lego can be used by grown-ups. Children are said to play with Lego but when grown-ups use Lego, they build with it. Though grown-ups use the same Lego bricks that children use, grown-ups use the bricks differently.

Adults use LEGO bricks to build investment structure, build pieces that can be used as a decorative figure, build long-term construction, etc.

Adults who love to build with Lego are referred to as AFoL which is an abbreviation for Adult Fan of Lego. Various areas form and have their own group of AFoL.

They usually meet up at designated places. There is also a large and thriving online community of Lego lovers as well, known as LUGs.

Why is Lego good for adults?

For grown-ups, the days are busy and between the busy days, it can be difficult to find ways to unwind and relax. Psychologists, therefore, recommend that grown-ups take a stroll into the kid’s world.

According to psychologists, children live in the moment. They don’t sit around thinking about the past or getting worried about the future as grown-ups do.

Children can concentrate on whatever it is they are doing and get fully engaged with it.

This is good for them and can also be good for adults if we learn to adopt this style in the process of unwinding and relaxing from the busy day. This method is referred to as keeping in touch with the inner child.

Building with Lego is one of the things to do that help you as a grown-up to connect with your inner child. According to the manufacturer of Lego, it can be beneficial to grown-ups in aiding creativity and fast learning as much as it can be for children.

Let’s examine other major benefits to building with LEGO;

10 IMPORTANT benefits of Lego for grown-ups;

1. Improvement of Creativity:

As you use various shapes, colors, and sizes of LEGO to bring into reality ideas in your head, you explore your ability to create.

2. Development of Problem Solving Ability:

While you try to build with LEGO, you will be confronted with problems related to scale, balance, symmetry, scale, sizes, etc. as you try to solve this problem using your knowledge from various fields, you are developing your problem-solving skill.

3. Develops Thinking and Planning skill:

During the process of building and constructing with LEGO, you face assembly problems. Which Lego brick should fit where and which should you use first?

Also, which brick color blends and which one should be used? These are examples of questions that pop up in your head.

You learn to deliver answers to these questions and arrange your thought properly to get the desired result.

4. Develops Persistence:

While you build with Lego, sometimes, you will experience a crash. That is the structure you have built could come crashing down and you’ll have to start all over again.

This experience can be painful and discouraging. The decision to continue even in the midst of this challenge is developing in you the spirit of persistence.

5. Improves Self-esteem:

It is a great challenge to construct the pieces of Lego bricks together to create a finished product.

However, achieving this task brings a level of satisfaction and a sense of self-esteem within you. You begin to feel confident about your ability to achieve anything.

6. Encourage Teamwork:

Lego lovers have succeeded in building a community both online and offline. When you work together with other Lego lovers in constructing, you begin to learn the nitty-gritty of working in a team.

You learn to agree on ideas and learn how ideas and understand how different ideas can contribute to achieving the team goal. You also learn how to negotiate roles and responsibilities so as to have a fun and enjoyable social experience.

7. Promotes fine motor skills:

Motor skills refer to the consistent movement of the bone structure. This is a good way to exercise the muscles.

As you try to connect one piece of Lego brick to another, you are required to make certain movements and exert different levels of pressure on the pieces for proper assembly.

This process becomes a wonderful exercise for your muscles.

8. Improves communication skills:

Building with Lego is a great way to engage in meaningful and joyful conversation. As you build, people around you ask questions on what it is you are trying to achieve and you are required to describe your idea to them.

This is indirectly improving the way and manner by which you communicate ideas.

9. Proper organization:

This is one of the first things Lego will teach you. A successful construction using Lego bricks requires that you use several hundred, even thousands of Lego pieces.

You learn over time the importance of proper arrangement when working with thousands of Lego bricks. This is to ensure you get the brick you need each time and not have to search for it among the thousands.

10. See things differently:

Lego do come with instructions and you can build great things when you follow the instruction. However, there are a lot of things you can achieve when you think outside the box. The more you work with the pieces, the more flexible you become with them.

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Picture of How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys

Today, the company is associated with highly covetable hardware, intuition, premium and design-driven product that the fans love.

It also has diversification potential, a technique used to reduce risk in investment. As it is with Apple in the digital world, so it is with Lego in the world of toys. This has led many to wonder how Lego became the apple of toys.

So, How Did Lego Became The Apple Of Toys? The answer lies solely on deep research work aimed at understanding how children play. The revelation from the in-depth research was then used to create a tweak around the product and services the company renders.

The revolutionary process began with the appointment of a new CEO to the Lego Group in the person of Jorgen Vig Knudstorp. The new CEO then began to take conscious steps towards the transformation of the old aged company which was almost closed up as a result of a consistent decline in revenue and an increase in debt.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps the CEO took.

What Are The Conscious Steps That Made Lego The Apple Of Toys?

1. Product Mix:

Guess this is where the saying “Jack of all trade, master of none” comes into play. Lego stuck to the production of a single toy, became a master of it, and then added variation to the single product. According to the CEO, it’s a simple idea; the bricks are complementary and they fit into each other which create a system from which you can endlessly become creative while building with it.

2. Expansion:

The company moved beyond the shore of its core market which is in Europe and North America. It pushed into other market space like Asia when it recorded double-digit growth. The company continued to explore other markets to date.

3. In-depth Research:

This step, according to the CEO, is the big blow that brought about the needed turnaround. Knudstorp mentioned that having done all managerial approaches such as improving processes, cutting costs, managing cash flow, etc. we knew that the next major step is to sponsor an in-depth research work. Which they did, spending heavily.

The aim of the research was to;

  • Understand what a modern Lego should look like based on the customer’s perspective. This is important in the face of growing competition from the internet and video games.
  • Understand how kids around the world really play.

Today, Lego probably has more knowledge about this subject than any other organization on earth. They know a lot about you, your children, and how you relate to your children than you think they know.

4. Intense brainstorming and innovation:

The company devised a week-long intense brainstorming, innovation, and creation. Industrial designers, interaction designers, programmers, Lego wizards who can create anything out of bricks, and marketers come together to compete.

The aim is to generate bigger, deeper, and more awesome ideas. This is in other to remain relevant in the developing world where play is becoming increasingly digital.

5. Development of various experimental projects:

Based on the result of the research, the company came up with various experimental projects to test the market. A majority of these experimental projects are a product of the brainstorming section.

According to the CEO, this is a small area of the company that operates outside the rules but one that delivers vital information. Examples of the experimental projects include but not limited to:

  • Lego Mind-storms: This is a robotics platform created with the adult fans in mind. It creates a hybrid digital-physical experience
  • Lego Architecture: This project helps fan build models. Fans can create a replica of buildings as they desire with the required bricks.
  • Lego Ideas: This lets fans vote on new ideas submitted by amateur designers. Once a new idea gets up to 10,000 votes from fans, it progresses to the review stage and the company decides which gets made.
  • Life of George: This was targeted at families. It’s a puzzle game that combines sets of bricks with a smartphone app, bridging the gap between physical and digital play.

These are 5 of the steps that rebuilt Lego into the “Apple of toys”.

Is Lego a Good Investment?

Picture Of Lego Investment

Although it might seem awkward investing in Lego as opposed to gold or other investment portfolios, but over the years Lego has proven to be an attractive investment opportunity.

Lego has been referred to as the “Toy for Smart Investors”. Research over the year revealed that Lego can be of great value when sold secondhand.

Lego may not be the first thing your mind is set upon when you’re thinking of investing. It may seem weird to say you’re investing in a toy but the possibility should not be discarded.

Researchers have found that Lego yields more than the regular investment option, especially in the last 15 years. It might be weird to find out that Lego is even more profitable than Gold especially when you have the right set of Lego as stock.

This is why as a lover or a fan of the toy, you need to take your love for Lego a little higher and learn how to begin investing in Lego. Investing in Lego begins with your collection. You have to buy Lego sets that are retiring soon because when they do, you can begin to sell them at a higher price.

Also, choose Lego bricks that are limited and seasonal. Treat your collection well and keep them in perfect condition. That’s the only way you can be guaranteed been able to sell more than its original price.

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Lego kicked off operations over 60years ago and ever since its inception, Lego has continued to grow. It has been a faithful childhood companion to almost everyone coming of age in the past 60 years till now.

Lego has received the Toy of the year award severally and today is crowned the king of all toys. But it has not always been this way.

In over 60 years of its existence, Lego has had its fair share of challenges that almost crumbled it. However, Lego founds its way back into the heart of many and today, Lego is changing the world. Let’s discuss how lego changed the world.

So, how is lego changing the world: Lego is changing the world by changing how kids play and by becoming a toy for all ages. It facilitates creativity and supports the emotional, mental, and psychological development of users.

It gives support to professionals; artists use Lego to create art, architects construct and build a virtual representation of their work, and managers use Lego to unlock the talent that employees didn’t know they have. Also, Lego helps brings the family together. And lastly, Lego creates an investment opportunity.

What Are The 8 Ways Lego Is Changing The World

1. Changing the way Kids play:

Lego is the toy of kids, that is, kids can easily play around with it. However, Lego goes beyond a toy that kids play and catch fun with. It has redefined the purpose of kid’s play from only catching fun to becoming creative.

When kids play with Lego, they catch fun and they also have the birth into existence their imaginations. Lego is also educational as it teaches and enhance kid’s motor skills, helps the child’s brain develop better, etc.

2. The AFOL’s:

Lego was known as the toy for kids until recently when it won its way into the heart of grown-ups. This passion for grown-ups to build with Lego instigated the creation of the adult group call the Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).

This is one area where Lego has really changed the world because adults now come together to discuss their love and passion for Lego. They talk about their next building challenge and how they plan to achieve it. This group is said to be highly competitive.

The AFOL group exists physically in various communities across the world. There is also a thriving online community of Lego lovers known as LUG’s

3. Creativity without Bound:

You will be totally correct if you referred to Lego as the Bricks of creativity. It is a creative tool that has several interchangeable parts. You can easily build with it because its parts fit together.

After completing the building process, you can break it down and start building another idea using the bricks. It doesn’t matter the number of ideas that you have, you can totally build them with Lego bricks. With Lego bricks, your creativity has no bound.

4. Creating Art:

Artists are beginning to take Lego bricks to create the work of art. As an artist, Lego gives you the voice to express yourself. You can create a virtual representation of what is on your mind for the world to see.

Lego as a company does hire artists to create works of art for their theme park. This turned the attention of many to the possibility and today, we have artists like Nathan Sawaya using Lego bricks to create amazing work of art.

5. Architecture:

In 2009, Lego launched one of its products known as Lego Architecture. This project is aimed at celebrating the present the past and combining it with the future of architecture. Lego Company embarked on the project in other to cope with the demand and desire of people to design their own homes.

This is one way Lego is changing the world in a perfectly different way. Professional architects can now build a model of buildings using Lego bricks.

“Recreate the destination that shapes your life,” the theme of the Lego Architecture product says it all. It simply means with Lego bricks, you can design or recreate your dream building.

6. Companies use Lego to discover talents among employee:

Under the project name called the LSP which means Lego Serious Play, Lego company device a methodology. This methodology facilitates and improves employee participation in strategic planning, communication, and creative thinking.

The LSP method can be applied to the objective of any company just as it can be applied to build a representation of virtually anything.

As the fast pace of growth in technology demands innovation and thinking out-of-the-box, companies are looking for innovative ways this can be achieved. The problem identified by management is known as the 80-20 principle which says only about 20% of participants contributes in meetings.

This problem is solved by the LSP method of which the facilitator asks a question and the participant has to build the answer using Lego bricks. This method has yielded in a way unimaginable as workers are spurred to creative thinking.

7. Brings the family together:

Playing or Building with Lego brick is very much a family thing as fathers and mothers help their kids with what they are trying to build. Like the saying, a family that plays together stays together, Lego helps to facilitate this.

Also, there are Lego Vacation and Fun parks called Legoland scattered around the world. Legoland is a family friendly park great for family fun and vacations.

7. Great investment Opportunity:

The fact that Lego has become a form of investment remains amazing. However, because Lego bricks are seasonal and they do go out of stock, they become valuable when sold as secondhand possession. This has become a business in recent years.

Investment in Lego is said to be more profitable than in Gold or any other portfolio.

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How Many Lego Movies are There

It seems like there is a movie franchise for everything these days, Superheroes, Mutants, Halloween and of course the toys we loved as kids.  Yes, we’re talking about Lego.  Surprisingly the first movie turned into a box office hit grossing almost $500 million dollars, not too shabby for a movie about blocks.

The film went on to inspire a couple of sequels with more slated for release later this year, if you’re not a fan and wondering “how many Lego movies are there?”  The answer is 5, sort of…three have been released with two more done and scheduled for release in 2019.

Lego Batman

After the success of the first movie, of course, there was going to be another on and The Lego Batman Movie was next in the franchise.  It debuted in February of 2014 and it featured Will Arnett as the Dark Knight.  It didn’t have the box office success of the first movie but it still managed to pull in a respectable $312 million.  It started with a budget of $80 million so that can be called a success.

Lego Ninjago

The next installment in the franchise was the Lego Ninjago Movie an adaptation of the company’s Ninjago toy line and accompanying television series.  While this movie has little or nothing to do with the other movies that have been made.  The movies aren’t a continuation of a longer storyline but rather standalone stories all on their own.  The movie hit box offices in Sept of 2017 and it failed to perform as well as the other two.  However, that won’t stop the franchise from continuing as they are making Warner Brothers a small fortune.

The Lego Movie Sequel

The next installment in the franchise was just released on February 8, The Lego Movie Sequel.  The film will have Will Arnett returning as Emmett and it was directed by Mike Mitchell of Trolls fame.  It has gotten favorable reviews from critics and it already has a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Here is a preview of the movie.

The Lego Brick Race

It was back in 2015 when Warner Bros said there would be another spin-off of the Lego Movie franchise, The Lego Brick Race.  Initially, the film was supposed to be released in 2019 but production problems make that unlikely.  Several directors have stepped down from the project however before stepping down from the film Drew Pearce said the movie would be inspired from the film The Cannonball Run.

How to Make Your Own Lego Mario

What is more fun than combining two of your favorite hobbies?  Lego has come a long way and you can make a lot more than just brick houses.  Today there are Lego sets that allow you to make all kinds of characters and props from movies and television.

You can get premade kits with all the pieces and instructions that you need to make everything from the Millenium Falcon to Nintendo’s favorite plumber Mario.  You can even create a Mario that has flexible joints so he can be posed in all kinds of ways.  Let’s have a look at how you can make your own Mario.

Tips On Building Your First Lego Mario

You can actually build your own Mario using nothing but the pieces from one of the Classic tubs of pieces.  To make the buttons on the overall you only need to use a couple of yellow bricks with some studs on the front.

To make the hair you are going to need a couple of rounded bricks either in black or brown.  Here are the steps to build your own Mario, once you master Mario it is easy peasy to make a Luigi too.

1. The head will need 2 x 3 bricks that stick out allowing you to make ears, Mario’s mustache requires a 4 x 1 brick placed just under the nose and 2 1 x 1 bricks on either side to perfect the mustache.

2. The hat is fairly easy you are going to need 1 RED 10×2 and 2 RED 2×3 stacked in the middle.

3. For the body you are going to need the following pieces:

4 YELLOW 2×2
2 YELLOW 2×3
2 YELLOW 1×2

1 RED 2×6 (OR 2 RED 2×3)
3 RED 2×2
6 RED 1×2

3 BLUE 1×2
3 BLUE 2×2
2 BLUE 2×3
2 BLUE 2×4

Now you have your Mario put together you can go on to create other characters with Lego pieces.  If building Lego is not your thing then you might want to check out the get hard and stay hard review for more information.

LEGO is about fun, and it’s imperative that you have fun here on Brothers-Brick. What’s more, Lego made sure your son or daughter won’t outgrow the set because all blocks are compatible with different sets. Actually, LEGO has a fairly intriguing track record in regards to delivering cancellation news to their fans. 1 thing you will like about Lego is that your son or daughter wouldn’t have to go out to construct the blocks. The supreme Lego Set is the very first choice on account of the advantages that it brings. Choosing toys for children can be difficult, particularly with marketers doing such a great job to entice kids and manipulate parents to purchase their product.

Even during bad weather, your youngster can still have fun in the home. Although it was meant for kids, one suspects the success was due to numerous adults tuning in too. A little child starts to take an immense interest in horror films.

Lego Dimensions Adventure Time

Any series is well worth watching. The series is regarded as a crime procedural, but does have elements which make it stand out. If you’ve finished the series and are seeking anime like Fairy Tail, here are 10 others which you might like. The One Piece series may look to be a very straightforward and simple story-wise, but while the manga and anime series have progressed, we’ve seen that it’s anything but.

To be able to have the ability to play as a character you’re expected to buy the physical product. What’s more, the characters are interesting and hold a feeling of mystery that most shows cannot even start to match. Each character is set in a course, each class has specific things they can do in order to alter the stream of each level, and the remainder of their unique quirks are cosmetic. With Lego Dimensions, with the manner which you are in a position to swap in characters at any moment, there’s no completely Free Play Mode. A couple of characters shall remain safe, though. One of the chief characters was apparently played by means of a guy in a huge bear suit and was named Mr. Bear.

The Lego Dimensions single player permits you to take the primary few characters, Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle and place them through a string of distinct worlds. With an array of characters, no 2 games is going to be the exact same. The game provides you instructions about how to construct the vehicle as soon as you place Marceline on the pedestal. There are various things to do as a way to finish any Lego video game. The Adventure Time Fun Pack has a character and vehicle to construct. There’s enough humor in the series to keep it a lot lighter and not as dark.

Most Lego sets include step-by-step instructions to create a model. The set comprises 405 pieces. In the start, model train sets were produced of molded plastic.

Vital Pieces of Lego Dimensions Adventure Time

From time to time, famous individuals disappear. You’re going to be permitted to go at your own pace in saying farewell to your pet. Dr. Who journeys through time in a very advanced time machine which is named TARDIS. When the appointment time was set, the receptionist will ask you when you would like your pet cremated or if you’ll have it buried. Hopefully, it will arrive here soon. Other things start to happen too. 1 thing to bear in mind when looking at a toy is the learning aspect and the way your kid is going to benefit.

The very first thing you ought to do is to decide the relative value of your collection. At some time, you’re probably likely to need to get a little creative with how you store them. Well let’s look at how exactly you may identify what’s inside the bags. Just be sure that you use the stands that the figures arrive with in order to safeguard them. If you need a specific figure from any series then you may wind up paying double, treble or more for your preferred figure. You’re finally prepared to paint your action figure. If you’ve got small parts which need to be glued to the action figure, utilize a super glue.

Try to remember, all you’ve got to do is find someone who’s seeking the figurine you have and you’ll receive a far better price. Fantasy figurines are definitely an extremely common theme. Pewter figurines are extremely beautiful and refined. There are quite a few other pewter figurines to suit everybody’s taste. You don’t need to purchase the most expensive, Even a single Barbie, and perhaps an outfit is going to do. With Lego having such a wide variety of franchises all running at once there are at least hundreds of figures now you can collect. All you will need is some LEGO and a small inspiration to construct your own LEGO dollhouse.

Many different kinds of collectors browse flea markets on the lookout for new objects for their collection. They know the value of a great machine and all of its accessories including the needles, cases and even manuals. They appreciate all of the historic machines that really tell us where the industry came from. Plenty of individuals are actually avid collectors!

The very best thing about building a home out of LEGO is that it is possible to customize, change, construct and rebuild it however you like. You’ve been collecting model cars for many years. Although model cars might appear to be the sort of product that many would think about a toy, that’s nowhere near the reality. With a little practice you are going to be creating vintage model cars in almost no time whatsoever. You’ve just finished assembling your most recent model car. Real Rider tires are in reality rubber and can be taken out of the rim like an actual tire.

To discover what you’re searching for, you want some information regarding the original set. There’s a sheer number of skills you must master a working layout. Once retired, sets can be quite difficult (and costly) to acquire. In case the set is under $20 it could be OK to open all bags and set all bricks in 1 pile. Such an in depth set will integrate very nicely with the remainder of the modular buildings series! There are lots of sets available I would consider to be in the dollhouse category if you’re not feeling so creative. It is not difficult to create your own lego table without making a huge mess or spending a good deal of money.

Zetti work produces a sense of other-worldliness also. Also you’ll need to take into account the remainder of the design of your layout. If you have made the decision to try your hand at setting up at craft shows, festivals, or flea markets, then you will need to have the correct craft show display to produce your wares stand besides the rest. The next thing to do is to ready the head of your action figure. There’s a top which goes over the lego plates that can produce the table extra table space when required. The surface of a shoe box is an exemplary example providing that it’s still robust and intact.