10 Reasons Why Lego Is For Grown-Ups

Picture Of Reasons Lego Is For Grown-Ups

Statistics say that 117,000 LEGO pieces are made every minute while the company produces about 306 million tires each year. This is to satisfy the ever-increasing rate of demand for toys among children.

Toys produced by Lego is applauded for building the creativity of kids as they use wheels, shapes, and even people, to physically build the idea in their minds. If Lego is this powerful a tool for kids the question is, are there lego for grown-ups?

So, are there lego for grown-ups? Yes, Lego can be used by grown-ups. Children are said to play with Lego but when grown-ups use Lego, they build with it. Though grown-ups use the same Lego bricks that children use, grown-ups use the bricks differently.

Adults use LEGO bricks to build investment structure, build pieces that can be used as a decorative figure, build long-term construction, etc.

Adults who love to build with Lego are referred to as AFoL which is an abbreviation for Adult Fan of Lego. Various areas form and have their own group of AFoL.

They usually meet up at designated places. There is also a large and thriving online community of Lego lovers as well, known as LUGs.

Why is Lego good for adults?

For grown-ups, the days are busy and between the busy days, it can be difficult to find ways to unwind and relax. Psychologists, therefore, recommend that grown-ups take a stroll into the kid’s world.

According to psychologists, children live in the moment. They don’t sit around thinking about the past or getting worried about the future as grown-ups do.

Children can concentrate on whatever it is they are doing and get fully engaged with it.

This is good for them and can also be good for adults if we learn to adopt this style in the process of unwinding and relaxing from the busy day. This method is referred to as keeping in touch with the inner child.

Building with Lego is one of the things to do that help you as a grown-up to connect with your inner child. According to the manufacturer of Lego, it can be beneficial to grown-ups in aiding creativity and fast learning as much as it can be for children.

Let’s examine other major benefits to building with LEGO;

10 IMPORTANT benefits of Lego for grown-ups;

1. Improvement of Creativity:

As you use various shapes, colors, and sizes of LEGO to bring into reality ideas in your head, you explore your ability to create.

2. Development of Problem Solving Ability:

While you try to build with LEGO, you will be confronted with problems related to scale, balance, symmetry, scale, sizes, etc. as you try to solve this problem using your knowledge from various fields, you are developing your problem-solving skill.

3. Develops Thinking and Planning skill:

During the process of building and constructing with LEGO, you face assembly problems. Which Lego brick should fit where and which should you use first?

Also, which brick color blends and which one should be used? These are examples of questions that pop up in your head.

You learn to deliver answers to these questions and arrange your thought properly to get the desired result.

4. Develops Persistence:

While you build with Lego, sometimes, you will experience a crash. That is the structure you have built could come crashing down and you’ll have to start all over again.

This experience can be painful and discouraging. The decision to continue even in the midst of this challenge is developing in you the spirit of persistence.

5. Improves Self-esteem:

It is a great challenge to construct the pieces of Lego bricks together to create a finished product.

However, achieving this task brings a level of satisfaction and a sense of self-esteem within you. You begin to feel confident about your ability to achieve anything.

6. Encourage Teamwork:

Lego lovers have succeeded in building a community both online and offline. When you work together with other Lego lovers in constructing, you begin to learn the nitty-gritty of working in a team.

You learn to agree on ideas and learn how ideas and understand how different ideas can contribute to achieving the team goal. You also learn how to negotiate roles and responsibilities so as to have a fun and enjoyable social experience.

7. Promotes fine motor skills:

Motor skills refer to the consistent movement of the bone structure. This is a good way to exercise the muscles.

As you try to connect one piece of Lego brick to another, you are required to make certain movements and exert different levels of pressure on the pieces for proper assembly.

This process becomes a wonderful exercise for your muscles.

8. Improves communication skills:

Building with Lego is a great way to engage in meaningful and joyful conversation. As you build, people around you ask questions on what it is you are trying to achieve and you are required to describe your idea to them.

This is indirectly improving the way and manner by which you communicate ideas.

9. Proper organization:

This is one of the first things Lego will teach you. A successful construction using Lego bricks requires that you use several hundred, even thousands of Lego pieces.

You learn over time the importance of proper arrangement when working with thousands of Lego bricks. This is to ensure you get the brick you need each time and not have to search for it among the thousands.

10. See things differently:

Lego do come with instructions and you can build great things when you follow the instruction. However, there are a lot of things you can achieve when you think outside the box. The more you work with the pieces, the more flexible you become with them.

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