8 Ways Lego Is Changing The World


Lego kicked off operations over 60years ago and ever since its inception, Lego has continued to grow. It has been a faithful childhood companion to almost everyone coming of age in the past 60 years till now.

Lego has received the Toy of the year award severally and today is crowned the king of all toys. But it has not always been this way.

In over 60 years of its existence, Lego has had its fair share of challenges that almost crumbled it. However, Lego founds its way back into the heart of many and today, Lego is changing the world. Let’s discuss how lego changed the world.

So, how is lego changing the world: Lego is changing the world by changing how kids play and by becoming a toy for all ages. It facilitates creativity and supports the emotional, mental, and psychological development of users.

It gives support to professionals; artists use Lego to create art, architects construct and build a virtual representation of their work, and managers use Lego to unlock the talent that employees didn’t know they have. Also, Lego helps brings the family together. And lastly, Lego creates an investment opportunity.

What Are The 8 Ways Lego Is Changing The World

1. Changing the way Kids play:

Lego is the toy of kids, that is, kids can easily play around with it. However, Lego goes beyond a toy that kids play and catch fun with. It has redefined the purpose of kid’s play from only catching fun to becoming creative.

When kids play with Lego, they catch fun and they also have the birth into existence their imaginations. Lego is also educational as it teaches and enhance kid’s motor skills, helps the child’s brain develop better, etc.

2. The AFOL’s:

Lego was known as the toy for kids until recently when it won its way into the heart of grown-ups. This passion for grown-ups to build with Lego instigated the creation of the adult group call the Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).

This is one area where Lego has really changed the world because adults now come together to discuss their love and passion for Lego. They talk about their next building challenge and how they plan to achieve it. This group is said to be highly competitive.

The AFOL group exists physically in various communities across the world. There is also a thriving online community of Lego lovers known as LUG’s

3. Creativity without Bound:

You will be totally correct if you referred to Lego as the Bricks of creativity. It is a creative tool that has several interchangeable parts. You can easily build with it because its parts fit together.

After completing the building process, you can break it down and start building another idea using the bricks. It doesn’t matter the number of ideas that you have, you can totally build them with Lego bricks. With Lego bricks, your creativity has no bound.

4. Creating Art:

Artists are beginning to take Lego bricks to create the work of art. As an artist, Lego gives you the voice to express yourself. You can create a virtual representation of what is on your mind for the world to see.

Lego as a company does hire artists to create works of art for their theme park. This turned the attention of many to the possibility and today, we have artists like Nathan Sawaya using Lego bricks to create amazing work of art.

5. Architecture:

In 2009, Lego launched one of its products known as Lego Architecture. This project is aimed at celebrating the present the past and combining it with the future of architecture. Lego Company embarked on the project in other to cope with the demand and desire of people to design their own homes.

This is one way Lego is changing the world in a perfectly different way. Professional architects can now build a model of buildings using Lego bricks.

“Recreate the destination that shapes your life,” the theme of the Lego Architecture product says it all. It simply means with Lego bricks, you can design or recreate your dream building.

6. Companies use Lego to discover talents among employee:

Under the project name called the LSP which means Lego Serious Play, Lego company device a methodology. This methodology facilitates and improves employee participation in strategic planning, communication, and creative thinking.

The LSP method can be applied to the objective of any company just as it can be applied to build a representation of virtually anything.

As the fast pace of growth in technology demands innovation and thinking out-of-the-box, companies are looking for innovative ways this can be achieved. The problem identified by management is known as the 80-20 principle which says only about 20% of participants contributes in meetings.

This problem is solved by the LSP method of which the facilitator asks a question and the participant has to build the answer using Lego bricks. This method has yielded in a way unimaginable as workers are spurred to creative thinking.

7. Brings the family together:

Playing or Building with Lego brick is very much a family thing as fathers and mothers help their kids with what they are trying to build. Like the saying, a family that plays together stays together, Lego helps to facilitate this.

Also, there are Lego Vacation and Fun parks called Legoland scattered around the world. Legoland is a family friendly park great for family fun and vacations.

7. Great investment Opportunity:

The fact that Lego has become a form of investment remains amazing. However, because Lego bricks are seasonal and they do go out of stock, they become valuable when sold as secondhand possession. This has become a business in recent years.

Investment in Lego is said to be more profitable than in Gold or any other portfolio.

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