Can Lego Bricks Be Recycled?

Picture Of Can Lego Bricks Be Recycled

Lego bricks have been one great toy building brick for most families and most people rarely dispose of it. Most people ask out of curiosity “can Lego bricks be recycled?”. 

Meanwhile recycling Lego is difficult since the LEGO bricks are made of ABS that is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The question remains if the ABS is recyclable.

Can Lego bricks be recycled? The answer is yes, although the process is not certain. The company according to their website claims to have the technology to recycle the bricks. The company also advised that you consult your local disposal service to know if the technology is in use.

However, the company’s website also advises that one of the best ways to recycle unwanted Lego bricks is to donate it to a local charity and child care providers within your locality.

This method they believe is absolutely effective and easy for recycling the bricks.

The Lego group believes in sustainable play which is why they encourage the passing down of bricks to relations and friends. It is the most environmentally friendly way of discarding the bricks.

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What Are The Best Means Of Recycling Lego Bricks?

Recycling Legos as earlier stated is difficult because they are made out of unusual plastic called ABS. Most recycling centers do not accept it.

The best means of disposing of Lego is to reuse since they are highly reusable. Here are some ideas on how to get the Lego bricks to several people in need of them.


The Lego company encourages people to give unwanted Lego bricks to children. They can be your niece or a neighbor’s kid who would like playing with the Lego bricks.

You could also look into donating them to other places. You can also pack them up for your grandkids or even for your game nights.

Artists and Crafts:

Presently, there are lots of artists and crafts who make use of Legos for special projects. Crafts make use of bricks for all kinds of project works.

Earlier this year, the Franklin Institute, a Philadelphia museum of science and educational center, did a special exhibition called “The Art of the Brick”.

There were a lot of important pieces with displayed examples including; The bust of Nefertiti, the Liberty Bell, and paintings of Van Gogh’s piece“ Starry Night”.

There is also the largest display of Lego art in the world, the 20-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Some creative persons have made use of Lego bricks to create masterpieces ranging from using it to hold up electrical cords, making a wedding dress, and some have been used in music and home videos.

Thrift Shops and Institutions for Kids:

You can also donate your Lego bricks to a homeless shelter or a local hospital for kids.

What is Sustainable play?

The Lego group has over the years produced high-end quality market bricks that last for years and are very safe to use.

The company has continued to develop and show a whole new level of creativity and play, thereby improving learning from generation to generation. This is an example of sustainable play.

All the Lego bricks are produced in such a way that each brick has a long lifespan and remains compatible over time. The bricks are never redundant. They can all be reused to create other cooler ideas. That is a sustainable play.

This is a great way to display most kids’ creativity. The resilience of the Lego bricks improves the play value and also reduces the norm of ‘play and dispose’ thereby helping to keep the environment safe and clean.

Although, the company also provides the alternative of recycling the bricks themselves. They carry it out by reusing the bricks as raw materials for new ideas.

How Do I Donate Lego Bricks?

There are currently some sites that accept Lego bricks and donate them to those that are in need of them. Such organizations collaborate with other foundations in different parts of the world.

 Examples of such sites include; Lifehacker, Brick Recycler, the Giving bricks, and the Brick dreams. These sites launched their websites a few years ago to accept donations for the bricks to help kids who need them.

Each of these organizations has its unique requirements for donating but in general, they all accept all kinds of Lego bricks. The organizations clean and organize the bricks before donating them.

There are some who reorganize them and sell them off to raise funds for hospitalized kids’ hospital bills.

How Long Does LEGO Last?

There is no saying to how long Lego bricks can last. This is because they never decompose. Although they can become worn out due to constant use, there is no limit to how long Lego bricks can last.

Phillipe Cantin conducted an experiment involving a pair of 3X3 Lego bricks. He discovered that if the Lego bricks are in use for 37,112 times, the bricks will become damaged. 

That is to say, if the pieces are played and disassembled for 37,112, they can be destroyed.