Can Legos Go Into A Dishwasher?

Picture of can Lego go in the dishwasher

The idea behind cleaning your Lego’s in the dishwasher is to make the cleaning easier and faster. You might wonder if it is safe to do this though. There are conflicting views on this but this is what you need to know.

Can Legos Go Into A Dishwasher? The answer is yes, although the Lego’s company advises you not to use the dishwasher. But in cases where you have a lot of secondhand Legos to clean, a dishwasher can be used with a lot of precautions.

The use of a dishwasher to clean Legos is not the best method. This is because of the effect the dishwasher can have on the Lego brick. Though when faced with plenty of Legos or tiny pieces of Legos, you can begin to contemplate the use of a dishwasher.

There are some secrets you ought to follow to avoid damaging your Lego and still getting a shiny Lego at the end of the day.

What Are The Guidelines For Using A Dishwasher For Legos?

  • Place your Lego in a Mesh Bag: The essence of putting the Lego in a mesh bag is to avoid scratches and damages to the Lego. Mesh bags are usually used when washing delicate items.
  • Set your Dishwasher: It is very important that you set your dishwasher in a very mild setting. This is to avoid serious damages to the Legos.
  • Use the Top Rack: This step is very important. This is to prevent the Lego from harsh washing.
  • Avoid the Use of Hot Water: As much as possible avoid using hot water to wash the Legos. Water at 40°C or 140° Fahrenheit can be used. This is to prevent damage or disfiguration to the plastic.

It is important you note that you should not wash the electrical piece of the Lego bricks, the tires, and parts with batteries. Do not use the dishwasher drier setting for the Legos. This action can cause the Legos to become disfigured.

Though the use of the dishwasher is not advised, it can be used when faced with plenty of Lego bricks. There is another effective means of getting your Lego bricks clean without the use of a dishwasher.

Is There Another Effective Means Of Cleaning My Legos?

If you are having trouble with cleaning a huge amount of Lego’s bricks and do not want to make use of the dishwasher. Here is another effective means of getting your Lego bricks glimmering again.

  • Soak: You can soak the pieces of the Lego especially when it is extremely dirty. First, soak the Lego in a soapy solution overnight or even longer.
  • Wash:  You can make use of an old toothbrush to clean and wash the nooks and crannies of the bricks. You can make use of mild soaps or detergent with water at 40°Celsius and 104°Fahrenheit.
  • Disinfect: You can make use of bleach or alcohol. Although, the bricks must not be placed for a long time in such conditions. This prevents the fading of the plastic.
  • Rinse: After making sure that there are no longer particles on the Legos, rinse the bricks in clean water.
  • Dry: When drying the washed Lego’s parts, place them on a clean towel side by side with the pieces. Avoid the use of an electric fan to hasten the drying piece. It is important that you know that your washed Legos can take 1-2 days to properly get dried.

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Why Is The Use Of Dishwasher For Legos Not Advised?

The reason why the use of a dishwasher is not advised is that the dishwasher can cause the paints and stickers to come off. Although paints differ from each model depending on the year it was made.

For instance, the bricks from the ’80s would still look very new with its initial prints. When making use of the dishwasher, you have to take a lot of precautions.

How Do I Clean My Displayed Legos?

When you have a displayed Legos on a shelf, it is normal for the Legos to collect dust. Even if you do a regular dusting, the Legos won’t stay dust free.

It is quite difficult to keep your Legos dust free, so from time to time you would want to keep the dust at bay by properly cleaning them. Here are some few tips to keep your displayed Lego’s clean.

  • Use of Dusters:

You can make use of synthetic or feather dusters to keep clouds of dust away from your displayed Lego’s. When using this method it is advised that you do it monthly.

  • Use of Brushes:

You can make use of natural, soft paint brushes to get rid of the dust on your Lego’s. This method is very handy and you can easily get into the corners of displayed Lego’s.

You can make use of the artist brush or even a make-up brush can be used. If you are using this method it is advisable to do the cleaning once every month.

  • The Use of Compressed-Air Dusters:

Compressed-Air duster is normally used to clean computer keyboards and other electronics. They come in a can and have tremendous air pressure to take out the dirt.

You can get the compressed-air dusters available at most office supply stores. This equipment is very safe for delicate materials. You should do this method a few times in a year.

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

Most handheld vacuum cleaners have options for switching over to blowing air. This option is the best for cleaning the Legos display. Because the amount of air coming out of the vacuum cleaner cannot be fully controlled, some Lego’s bricks can be blown off while using this method.

This method is therefore advisable for large display and not small or delicate Lego’s display.