How Many Lego Movies are There

It seems like there is a movie franchise for everything these days, Superheroes, Mutants, Halloween and of course the toys we loved as kids.  Yes, we’re talking about Lego.  Surprisingly the first movie turned into a box office hit grossing almost $500 million dollars, not too shabby for a movie about blocks.

The film went on to inspire a couple of sequels with more slated for release later this year, if you’re not a fan and wondering “how many Lego movies are there?”  The answer is 5, sort of…three have been released with two more done and scheduled for release in 2019.

Lego Batman

After the success of the first movie, of course, there was going to be another on and The Lego Batman Movie was next in the franchise.  It debuted in February of 2014 and it featured Will Arnett as the Dark Knight.  It didn’t have the box office success of the first movie but it still managed to pull in a respectable $312 million.  It started with a budget of $80 million so that can be called a success.

Lego Ninjago

The next installment in the franchise was the Lego Ninjago Movie an adaptation of the company’s Ninjago toy line and accompanying television series.  While this movie has little or nothing to do with the other movies that have been made.  The movies aren’t a continuation of a longer storyline but rather standalone stories all on their own.  The movie hit box offices in Sept of 2017 and it failed to perform as well as the other two.  However, that won’t stop the franchise from continuing as they are making Warner Brothers a small fortune.

The Lego Movie Sequel

The next installment in the franchise was just released on February 8, The Lego Movie Sequel.  The film will have Will Arnett returning as Emmett and it was directed by Mike Mitchell of Trolls fame.  It has gotten favorable reviews from critics and it already has a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Here is a preview of the movie.

The Lego Brick Race

It was back in 2015 when Warner Bros said there would be another spin-off of the Lego Movie franchise, The Lego Brick Race.  Initially, the film was supposed to be released in 2019 but production problems make that unlikely.  Several directors have stepped down from the project however before stepping down from the film Drew Pearce said the movie would be inspired from the film The Cannonball Run.