How to Make Your Own Lego Mario

What is more fun than combining two of your favorite hobbies?  Lego has come a long way and you can make a lot more than just brick houses.  Today there are Lego sets that allow you to make all kinds of characters and props from movies and television.

You can get premade kits with all the pieces and instructions that you need to make everything from the Millenium Falcon to Nintendo’s favorite plumber Mario.  You can even create a Mario that has flexible joints so he can be posed in all kinds of ways.  Let’s have a look at how you can make your own Mario.

Tips On Building Your First Lego Mario

You can actually build your own Mario using nothing but the pieces from one of the Classic tubs of pieces.  To make the buttons on the overall you only need to use a couple of yellow bricks with some studs on the front.

To make the hair you are going to need a couple of rounded bricks either in black or brown.  Here are the steps to build your own Mario, once you master Mario it is easy peasy to make a Luigi too.

1. The head will need 2 x 3 bricks that stick out allowing you to make ears, Mario’s mustache requires a 4 x 1 brick placed just under the nose and 2 1 x 1 bricks on either side to perfect the mustache.

2. The hat is fairly easy you are going to need 1 RED 10×2 and 2 RED 2×3 stacked in the middle.

3. For the body you are going to need the following pieces:

4 YELLOW 2×2
2 YELLOW 2×3
2 YELLOW 1×2

1 RED 2×6 (OR 2 RED 2×3)
3 RED 2×2
6 RED 1×2

3 BLUE 1×2
3 BLUE 2×2
2 BLUE 2×3
2 BLUE 2×4

Now you have your Mario put together you can go on to create other characters with Lego pieces.  If building Lego is not your thing then you might want to check out the get hard and stay hard review for more information.